Vertimowing Perth

Vertimowing Perth, also known as scarifying, removes an excess build-up of thatch from lawns. Only C4 warm-season grasses can be vertimowed. As a general rule of thumb, the more aggressive the lawn variety the more frequent it will need vertimowing. For example, high-performance Couch varieties such as Wintergreen, Greenlees Park and Santa Ana require vertimowing more often than a less aggressive species such as Zoysia.

A regular lawn mowing schedule can reduce the build up of lawn thatch and will reduce the need to vertimow.


What is Lawn Thatch

Lawn thatch is what happens when living and dead stolons (runners) build up on top of your soil. As lawns continue to grow and regenerate new stolons, the old stolons will die off underneath the new growth. Over a period of time these dead stolons build up into a thicker mat.

You'll notice thatch build-up when your lawn feels soft and spongy underfoot. When you mow it, a heavily thatched lawn will always cut back into the brown thatch layer. This leaves an unsightly appearance after you mow your lawn. Instead of being green - your lawn looks brown. If you mow with a cylinder mower, your lawn will often be left with what appears to be ‘tram lines’ in the lawn. This is because the heavy weight of the cylinder mower sinks into the spongy thatch during mowing. Vertimowing removes all of this dead thatch layer and improves the feel and colour of your lawn.

Can Thatch Damage My Lawn
Yes. Apart from the ugly appearance after mowing your lawn, the thatch layer increases in thickness and less and less of the new stolons manage to take root and grow. Then your lawn slowly starves from a lack of nutrients over a period of many years. This is especially true of Buffalo grass lawns.
The second effect is that a lot of water will become trapped in the thatch layer. Much of this trapped water will never make it into the soil, but will evaporate instead.

Vertimowing is vital for the continuing health of your lawns.

Other Benefits In Vertimowing
When done properly, the vertimowing process will produce a more level appearance to your lawn, as well as leaving a far more beautiful finish after mowing.

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