Rubbish Removal in Perth

Jim's rubbish removal Perth service fulfills the demand of a garden. Do you need rubbish removal in Perth service or Is rubbish spoiling the look of your garden, your yard and your home in general? Don’t spend your weekend down in the dumps. We can help. Whether you just have the odd tree branch making your yard look untidy, or you have a large pile of unwanted junk, we can remove it and give you back your yard. Then you can enjoy it instead of avoiding it.

At Jim’s Mowing, we’re passionate about helping our customers have beautiful gardens and lawns. This often means starting at the beginning. So we may need to remove rubbish before we can clear the way to get to your lawn or garden.

You may have a bin full of garden refuse, a skip full, or a truck full. Either way, we can help. Our service removes green refuse and hard refuse. We can even help with bobcats to remove tree trunks or other large unwanted items. Cartons are no problem and car bodies are no problem. No job too big, no job too small.

Don’t waste your precious spare time, or break your back, or damage your vehicle trying to take your rubbish to the tip. We’ll do all the hard work. We love it and we have all the right equipment to remove it and take it away.

You won’t recognize your own garden once we’ve cleaned it up, but you will enjoy your fresh new space. You may even want us to look at improving the look of your garden and yard once you can see it clearly again. And we’d love to help.

Our service is professional and our prices are very competitive. And remember, an attractive garden and yard will add value to your property too. So think of it as an investment.

If you need Rubbish Removal Perth just give us a call on 131 546 and one of our friendly customer service staff will help you out or you can just book a job online