Lawn Care & Maintenance Perth

Everyone loves a beautifully manicured lawn. But if you don’t have the time, the inclination or the motivation to care and maintenance for your lawn, we can help. Jim’s Mowing has decades of experience in lawn care and maintenance Perth service. We have the passion, the experience and the equipment needed to expertly cut your lawn and trim your edges.

Our lawn care professionals know all the different types of grasses and how to care for them properly and professionally. We apply our lawn and landscaping services with the same care and expertise that you’d expect from ISA-certified arborists. We know that to keep trees strong your lawn needs to be healthy and well maintained to support and groom the tree’s roots.

At Jim’s Mowing, we approach every lawn differently, because every lawn is different. Your type of grass, your soil, and your shade conditions probably even vary from your next-door neighbors’ and from those across the street.

Our Lawn Care & Maintenance Services in Perth include:

  • Lawn restoration and repair - We can help bring your lawn back to life
  • Weed, pest control, and de-mossing – Give your lawns a head start
  • Top dressing and fertilizing – Add nutrients to your lawn
  • Aeration and coring – Let your lawn breathe and grow
  • Scarifying & Vertimowing – Remove the dead runners
  • Turf laying – Create and grow a new lawn
A well-presented, well-cared-for lawn adds beauty to your property and value to your investment. If you need Lawn Care just give us a call on 131 546 and one of our friendly customer service staff will help you out or you can just book a job online